June 13th Mega Q – Part One

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Lined up 6 racks of ribs, a pork shoulder, 4 turkey drumsticks, 2 chickens, 2 salmon fillets and made a Bacon Explosion: http://www.bbqaddicts.com/blog/recipes/bacon-explosion/

As always, click the images for a full size view.

Baby Backs


And now for the Bacon Explosion!
First, the Bacon Weave

Sausage Layer
More Bacon!
Bacon Layer 2, with BBQ sauce
Rolled & wrapped

Into the smoker
Salmon on the top level
Cherry wood – see you in a few hours!

Part Two

Salmon was the first out

Followed by the Bacon Explosion

Ribs start coming in

Turkey Legs – somehow I didn’t photograph the chickens

And at 4PM the next day, pulled pork.

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