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That’s right, not much going on here. For a better experience, you’ll find a reasonably current photo stream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ascherer. Find me on Facebook for occasional bursts of prose.

Of Solstice, shadows and changes

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Lunar Eclipse 12 December 2010

“Mercury the wise communicator and universal trickster turned retrograde….Mercury’s retro phase tends to bring unforeseen changes…”


I got up this morning at 2:30 am ET to view the eclipse and welcome the winter solstice. I was moved in the cold and windy night. Low-powered binoculars made it clear that I was looking at a sphere, not the familiar disk of white.

Earlier, as if on cue, a spark jumped from body to device and I spent the day today mending the electronics that were overcome by the power I unknowingly transferred.  A reminder, power flows invisibly and sometimes unexpectedly. My belief in omens is slight – I call myself pragmatic yet I take heed of the possibility that signs point out our paths if we’re observant.

Change is in the air – I have been living it, feeling it and transmitting it. Following my signs.

wtf dude?

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Excuse the occaslionally wonky appearance of things here while I try to break in a new pair of shoes theme.

Facebook and identity

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As unsettling as FB’s move to broker identity across the web is, I’ve sensed an air of inevitability about it that reminds me of my views on SharePoint’s upturning the enterprise portal market.

You don’t have to like it – but be realistic. Get familiar with FB’s privacy controls and exercise vigilance, because it’s here and it will get bigger. That is, until the Next Thing comes along.

Before you take a number, you have to wait in line!

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Insane line at NYS DMV